Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why The Hell Not

I wonder if they're going to drive Jimmer into the ground because there's nothing else to talk about. Certainly, "Kyrie Irving is underratd" didn't go anywhere, even after Seth Davis argued that he would be a top 3 point guard in 3 years (those are very similar numbers). Davis is telling us how important is that Jimmer is totally into his YouTube channel. Steve Smith recanted on any man-crush of any time when Kemba came up—it was a running joke with Jimmer—maybe because the expression started to seem a little, you know, queer? Jimmer is some thing you win at a carnival, or rescue from a giant glass box with a claw. Kemba is a man in training.

Kanter sounds like cancer. I can only hope he lives up to that joke.

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