Thursday, June 23, 2011

About the Biyombo Triple-Double

I don't mean to ruin the one good thing about this draft (I couldn't tell you a thing about all these scorers from big schools coming up soon), but Biyombo's whole rep rests on the Hoop Summit. He has a really cool name, as Stu notes, and there needs to be a Biz Markie joke STAT. That triple-double, though: Every single player on the USA team got to the rim at will in that game, since the international guards sucked. They also tried to go to the basket every time they decided to create, since it was easy and not many of the USA players could shoot. And a lot of them, however athletic they may be, don't go all that hard, or just explode toward the basket (outward or upward). So Biyombo got a lot of chances to swat balls that he knew were headed right at him, and plenty of time to set up and anticipate. You see where this is going. I just hate and hate and hate.

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