Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sure, It's A Steal

The other day Glenn Kenny tweeted something "wait until you call something haunting, or else how do you know, you know?" That's probably how it should be with draft steals, but I feel secure in calling Kenneth Faried a steal for the Nuggets. He's one of the few players in this draft—forget about the bottom of the first—who has one truly elite skill. And as we all know from people like Kevin Pelton, rebounding translates well from college to the pros. It's like DeJuan Blair never existed in the minds of people drafting. I also like that when it came time for his interview, there was a sense of calm, inevitability, and little else. Too many players feign a politician's enthusiasm or play it way too cool. Faried knew it was going to happen, it did, and his pro career started. It's funny, I defended the Heat's "Yes We Did" rally all spring, but at the same time, if you're Kenneth Faried, making the NBA is neither a surprise nor something to act jaded about. It's time to go to work. But not without a hometown crowd to remind you that this matters. There's just a long way to go from here.

I don't know where in the modern era Ibaka could have purchases that coat. It's not the color so much as it is the collar.

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