Thursday, June 23, 2011


Nobody loves a meta-draft question in the middle of an actual draft, but I have one, and it is this. Is it a problem for the draft, from the action-movie-beauty-pageant perspective, that the biggest moment comes first and all subsequent moments are at least theoretically less important and lower-stakes than the moments that preceded them? That is, the draft is all about the agony of clocks counting down, uncertainty, and the perils of choice. So why the fuck should we care who goes 17th if we already know who went first? But then, it's also the case that there's very seldom any suspense over the first pick, so maybe it makes sense that the draft starts with the obvious and then wades into more obscurantist/purist territory as it goes, like we're all essentially acknowledging that Sgt. Pepper's is whatever and the real question is where Slanted and Enchanted fits in. Maybe the draft is the rock-geek version of Miss USA. Kyrie Irving was more fun in high school.

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