Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Best of Bilas

Jay Bilas has a Twitter feed and scotch-intensive rapport with Bill Raftery has done a lot to make me kind of like him, and I already liked him for being in "I Come In Peace." (I like to think that he still calls Brian Benben sometimes, just to say what up) But I'm not totally buying into him in the Mel Kiper/designated-player-ranker role. I have no problem seeing the next ten players (per some random and undefined criteria) appear along the bottom of the screen. But I feel a little insulted at the suggestion that Bilas -- a busy man who lives in the United States and watches and talks about college basketball for a living -- has an opinion on Davis Bertans, guard of Lithuania. That said, I trust him on Nolan Smith. Especially the 'solid citizen' part. Bilas would know -- he has been checking his voting record.

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