Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Television

This Spurs/Pacers deal was made about half an hour ago, even sooner, since Twitter had it then. I fail to see why it couldn't be mentioned sooner. Maybe it was on the crawler; I didn't see it. It shows you just how secondary basketball next year is to draft night, and how little sense this coverage seems to have of any basketball that came before it. Even the previews make no difference. The draft crew has months to prepare and is still woefully uninformed, which is even less excusable than Brandon Knight knowing nothing about the Pistons. It's their job to know. Instead, they throw around language whose only relevance is to itself, and describe what's going on with NBA teams like they never really knew them to begin with. Except for Jeff Van Gundy, of course. He's gone soft. Shouldn't he have killed someone by now? I guess, like Bilas robbed of his venom, Van Gundy has been relaxed by the doldrums.

Joey Litman just called me enraged. He came home for the Knicks picks, and between that and this coverage, has decided to swear off the NBA for months and months and months.

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