Thursday, June 23, 2011


Tonight is the 2011 NBA draft, as underwhelming a specimen as we've seen in forever. That won't stop me, or anyone else I know, from typing profusely. All my typing will be here. I will not waste my energy yet on picking apart the NBA-TV projections ... suffice it to say that Chris Paul is better than everybody, Josh Smith to the T-Wolves makes me know how Jeremiah Weed feels everyday, shots of Jimmer heading into the break produced squeals of "that's my guy!" and "man-crush" from the studio crew, and Kamla thinks that Jonny Flynn's internal monologue sounds like this:

"Yo! I was the Number 6 overall pick. So I'm pretty good, right?"


  1. Thoughts on the Bobcats-Bucks-Kings manaj?

  2. John Salmons and Stephen Jackson are, at this point, more similar than any of us would like to admit.

  3. Agreed. Doesn't seem to be a real "winner" out of that trade, just swapping similar pieces.