Thursday, June 23, 2011

John Henson Is So This Draft

I know he stayed in another year to improve, to win, and to avoid the lockout's uncertainties. But he missed his chance at immortality. Every draft does kind of have a signature player. That player usually ends up going high because he seems like what this draft is all about, even if there's an element of resignation in that. It was sort of supposed to be Biyombo, at least on the Internet. Henson—athletic, skilled without being competent, somewhat clueless, and the kind of prospect who hits on just enough of the criteria to matter—could have made that dream come true for him and his family, and no matter what happened in his career, we would know him as Mr. 2011.

Don't you think that, at this point, NBA fans should be able to tell these former Eastern Bloc countries apart? Maybe even know a thing or two about them?

"I have not so strong body [as Chris Bosh]".

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