Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stuck In My Gut

I don't know, I just really trust Kemba. I get that Irving is the uber-PG of the draft, but Walker really has the makings of a "wait, he was drafted there?" player. He also was "clutch" and had "heart" in ways that didn't seem circumstantial, or simply being better than a bunch of people who could barely walk.

No one should rock a puby goatee on draft night. Go full beard or keep it clean. Come on.

Joey Litman has noted this, but Kemba could be the return of the New York point guard, which might not actually be a good thing.

"Dancing at the Apollo ... meeting the President". Kemba = folk hero.

"It feels like the day I gave birth to him." -- how moms see the draft. Plus Kemba's mom with an applause line? This is your 2011 moment, unless Jimmer gets drafted.

Sorry if I sounded bitchy about Bismack. Felt like he was turning into the web's Jimmer.

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