Thursday, June 23, 2011


Things I saw in twenty minutes during a dinner on which I almost choked:

- Gregg Popovich discussed as "George"

- Landry Fields confused for Carl Landry

- The Knicks drafting a guy about whom the nicest thing said was that he is going to work on treating basketball like a job

- The Pacers trading for another not-good-enough point guard

- The Timberwolves assembling 300 point guards and 400 forwards who can't really bang

- Someone referred to as a "future interim general manager"

- A draft ticker which looked like a practical joke. Redundancies and reaches everywhere. Do NBA general managers realize that there actually will be basketball after the lockout? They know what a lockout is, right? If so, why does this draft look and feel like something happening at 4 AM on the last night of college?

1 comment:

  1. That last line captured last night perfectly. 4AM and forties...that sums it up.